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Cadillac Service & Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Get premier auto service care for your Cadillac at Frank Kent Cadillac. We are the Cadillac service center of choice in Fort Worth, TX.

Cadillac Certified Service in Fort Worth, TX

Get premier auto service care for your Cadillac at Frank Kent Cadillac. We are the Cadillac service center of choice in Fort Worth, TX. Rely on our expert team to provide your Cadillac with the highest level of service.

Cadillac Certified Service

When it comes to your Cadillac, you should insist on the very best service every time. Our team of Cadillac-trained technicians understands your Cadillac better than anyone else in the Fort Worth, TX area. We are also looking for a technician to join our team of experts, so apply today! Our experts can help you finance your vehicle, whether you service or trade-in your vehicle. You can rest assured that your Cadillac is always in the right hands with us. As an added benefit, with out Spend & Save perk, the more services we do the more you save at the end of the day! We also provide service financing at our facility. Here’s a look at our available services:

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Oil Change

We offer all Cadillac models the finest synthetic, semi-synthetic, diesel, high mileage, and conventional oil change service. Best of all, we can complete your Cadillac’s oil change service in minutes.

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Tire Service

Whether your Cadillac requires a tire inspection, tire balance, tire rotation, or tire replacement service, we can do it all.

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Wheel Alignment Service

Ensure the proper ride and performance of your Cadillac with our precious alignment service. We provide two-wheel and four-wheel alignment services.

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Brake Service

Trust our service center team to provide top brake service for your Cadillac. We offer brake inspection, brake repair, brake fluid, and brake pad replacement services.

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Battery Service

Rely on us to provide fast battery replacement service for your Cadillac. We also offer battery testing and battery terminal cleaning services.

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Transmission Service

We are the area experts when it comes to transmission service on all Cadillac models. We offer transmission inspection, transmission fluid exchange, transmission repair, and transmission replacement services.

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We Offer OEM Cadillac Parts and Components

We understand the importance of installing the right parts and components in your Cadillac. That’s why we offer OEM Cadillac parts and accessories on all of our service work. Here’s why:

  • 100% Precision Fit – All Cadillac OEM parts are exact duplicates of your vehicle’s original part. That ensures a precise fit.
  • Lasting Quality – Cadillac OEM parts and components are built to the highest standards.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – All Cadillac OEM parts and components come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our Cadillac Service Center Experience

We pride ourselves on providing a first-class experience to every one of our clients. That’s why we’re the service center of choice for so many Cadillac drivers. We work diligently to complete your vehicle’s work on time. Also, we provide customer service that goes above and beyond. You can experience why Cadillac drivers in River Oaks, Benbrook, White Settlement, and Edgecliff Village consistently choose us for vehicle service.



Cadillac Service & Repair

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Choose certified Cadillac service at Frank Kent Cadillac. We invite you to schedule your appointment online or over the phone. You are also welcome to visit our service center without an appointment. We are always ready to go above and beyond for you and your Cadillac.


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