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Are You Ready for Your Next Cadillac?

Did you know that Cadillac was founded from the remnants of the iconic Ford Motor Company? If you have been searching "Cadillac dealer near me" to find your next new vehicle, you probably won't find any evidence of the Ford Motor Company. However, it’s certainly there in Cadillac’s rich history. Today we know Cadillac to be a luxury branch of GM, but what is its connection to Ford, and what does it mean for us today?

After the Henry Ford Company went out of business, the company’s shareholders reached out to well-known Detroit machinist Henry Leland for advice on selling their shares and leaving the industry behind for good. Leland, however, had another idea entirely and convinced the company’s shareholders to stay in the automotive business. Leland developed a new design by combining Ford’s chassis or frame with an Oldsmobile single-cylinder engine. He debuted the vehicle as part of the Cadillac Car Company, which he named after the founder of Detroit, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe Cadillac.

A gray 2020 Cadillac CT4-V is parked in front of a large glass building and shown from a low angle.

Over a century later, Cadillac is one of the most prominent brands in the car industry and has built a stellar reputation around its commitment to innovation, performance, and craftsmanship. With this commitment, Cadillac drivers reap the benefits with the Cadillac lineup offering the latest in technology and the highest level of performance available in a luxury car. This is what brings us to ask, “are you ready for your next Cadillac?”

Reasons to Check out the 2021 Cadillac Lineup

We can automatically give you plenty of reasons to check out the 2021 Cadillac lineup. How so? Cadillac offers an exceptional fleet of vehicles that ranges from SUVs like the XT4 and the Escalade to sedans like the CT4 and V-Series models like the CT5-V. While these models are certainly impressive, we can think of a few other reasons to check out the lineup. Those reasons just so happen to be Cadillac’s hottest and most impressive features.

Super Cruise

The top reason to check out the 2021 Cadillac lineup is Super Cruise. Praised as “the future of hands-free driving,” Super Cruise proves Cadillac’s commitment to innovation as the manufacturer touts the technology as “the first true hands-free driving assistance feature for compatible highways.” But how exactly does it work?

First and foremost, Super Cruise requires an attentive driver and the appropriate conditions, i.e. lane markings are visible and GPS is available. It works in conjunction with Adaptive Cruise Control and Cadillac Connected Services. When enabled, the cruise control controls acceleration and braking while Cadillac Connected Services uses real-time positioning, sensors, and cameras to detect every curve in the road. This technology works together to make driving extremely convenient and comfortable.

A gray 2020 Cadillac CT5 from a Cadillac dealer near you is parked on a gravel road in front of hills.

Cadillac User Experience

The Cadillac User Experience is the next reason to check out the 2021 Cadillac lineup since the experience is all about connectivity. Connected, personalized, and updated, the experience connects drivers with the world to deliver on Cadillac’s promise “to make driving easier and more enjoyable.” That promise begins with Cadillac’s outstanding technology that enables the driver to minimize distractions by using voice commands to make calls, find destinations, play music, and more. The system also takes navigation to a new level by offering real-time traffic conditions, re-route options, faster routes, and places of interest.

The Cadillac User Experience doesn’t stop there and integrates with smartphones through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The feature enables drivers to access their apps, listen to their favorite music, and answer calls without taking their hands off the steering wheel. Drivers can also have text messages dictated to ensure their eyes never leave the road.

The Cadillac Guarantee: Warranty Information

Cadillac takes its commitment to offering the best and most luxurious vehicles on the road one step further by giving drivers further peace of mind with a variety of warranties. Promising “benefits that defy expectations,” Cadillac’s warranties include the Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty. This warranties the entire vehicle for repairs, parts, and labor to correct any defects in workmanship or materials without a deductible for 4-years or 50,000-miles. The manufacturer also offers an Optional Extended Limited Warranty on 2018 to 2020 models with coverage lasting 6-years or 70,000-miles.

The Powertrain Limited Warranty covers Cadillac models from 2013 to present for 6-years or 70,000-miles without a deductible should the engine, transmission, or drive systems fail due to defects or workmanship. Cadillac’s most popular parts warranty is the 24-Month/Unlimited-Mile Limited Parts Warranty that covers GM Original Equipment Brakes, Rotors, Alternators, and Starters as well as other professional brakes, rotors, alternators, and starters. One of the last two warranty options is the Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty, which covers chassis parts, electric fuel pumps, ignition wire sets, radiators, shock absorbers and struts, and wheel bearings. A 12-Month/Unlimited Parts Warranty covers Advantage wheel bearings, shocks, struts, brakes, and chassis parts.

A brown 2021 Cadillac Escalade is parked in front of a building in a desert.

The Frank Kent Promise

The Frank Kent Motor Company was founded in 1935 in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, by a young man with a savvy business sense, an honest work ethic, and a passion for the automotive industry. As Frank Kent built his reputation in the community, he became one of the most popular and successful Cadillac dealers in the country and earned the nickname “Mr. Cadillac.” However, he never took his success for granted and set out to deliver on his guiding principle: “Morals, value, and ethics before profit.”

That principle mirrors the dealership’s promise to deliver the best buying experience in the industry by providing exceptional customer service. Part of that promise means keeping a fully stocked inventory of Cadillacs as well as a knowledgeable sales team and a highly trained service department who are ready to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations. That is the Frank Kent promise—a promise made over a century ago by “Mr. Cadillac” himself.

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