Why Your Next Car Should Be a Pre-Owned Cadillac

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A black 2017 Cadillac CTS is parked in front of a Fort Worth, TX, field and blue sky.

Cadillacs have always been a signal of luxury and innovation, from the very roots of its first vehicles built in the early 1900s to the present day. Owning a Cadillac means having the cutting edge of technology in your car, and the height of comfort when you hit the open road. When you purchase a pre-owned Cadillac, you can enjoy the exhilaration of the innovations which will be leading the pack, even when you are buying a car a few years old. Cadillac has made a name for itself as a luxury brand, but you gain far more than comfort and lifestyle accolades when you own one. For over 100 years, Cadillac has brought technology and ingenuity to vehicles, and the delight of driving one holds its appeal when you get behind the wheel.

Why Purchase Certified Pre-Owned

The process of certifying a pre-owned Cadillac is rigorous. GM carefully combs through every part of the vehicle, bumper to bumper, and ensures the entire Cadillac passes the 172-point system for good-as-new working order. If any part of the car doesn’t pass the test, it is replaced with GM factory parts, and then it’s covered by a six-year, 100,000-mile warranty. Imagine owning the pinnacle of luxury SUVs—the Escalade—for an affordable price, and knowing that your Escalade is as good as new without the new price tag. Speaking of the Escalade, let’s take a look at some of the amazing innovations and tech you add to your lifestyle as a Cadillac owner.

The Escalade

Well-known as one of the very first luxury SUVs, Cadillac led the way in developing a sport utility vehicle for the luxury class. It rapidly became iconic as a status symbol for the wealthy, and still holds that space even amongst competitors in the luxury SUV class. If you consider what it means to own an Escalade, it’s more than just having a powerful vehicle that seats up to eight people. An Escalade stands out in any parking lot, its unmistakably muscular build a clear message of owning the road.

In 2015 the Escalade was redesigned and included a pair of innovative features many other brands now incorporate to keep up with Cadillac’s lead. The first haptic safety seat to alert the driver to hazardous conditions was added to the 2015 Escalade, along with the first LED high beams and tail lights with “total internal reflection.” For modern drivers, it may be worth noting that key features many makes and models only offer as options come standard on the Escalade.

Even five years ago, the Escalade came standard with automatic wipers, a hands-free liftgate, keyless ignition and entry, power-adjustable pedals, leather seats, heated front, and rear seats, a Bose 16-speaker audio system linked to Cadillac’s CUE infotainment, active noise canceling, WiFi, and Bluetooth. In fact, Bluetooth has been standard on the Escalade since 2008. Every aspect of your driving experience can be adjusted to suit your height and comfort.

Imagine taking a trip out to the countryside with your family to enjoy the expanse of nature, a full picnic loaded in the trunk, and knowing the road conditions will not affect your comfort or ability to arrive in safety. This is the Cadillac lifestyle. No matter where you travel, you stay connected. No matter who you bring on your trips, everyone will ride in style and comfort. No matter what the destination, you can trust the drive will be as relaxing and quiet as you require. If you would rather not drive such a large vehicle, Cadillac has sedans that offer the same superior travel experience.


Measurably more economical in both size and price tag, the Cadillac CTS provides the singular luxury experience you expect from the brand, but with the same grandiose attention to detail and design. For decades, Cadillac was known for its behemoth-sized vehicles, which resembled luxury liners as they took over the highways. When gas prices rose in the 1970s, people began seeking smaller cars with better gas economy. Cadillac answers the call today with sedans like the CTS.

In recent years, the prominent grille of Cadillacs has become well-known and easily recognizable. The front end of the CTS maintains those bold characteristic lines, while also upholding the style and driving experience Cadillac owners desire. Innovation once again reigns supreme, and going back to 2015, offers the newer generation of the CTS. This sedan will please driving enthusiasts who want a vehicle that hugs the road and corners with ease without having to sacrifice ultimate comfort.

Standard base models of the CTS come with high-quality features such as driver memory settings, remote start, keyless ignition and entry, OnStar, WiFi, wireless charging, Bluetooth, Cadillac’s CUE infotainment system, voice controls, 11-speaker Bose surround-sound, three USB ports, paddle shifting, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, and an inline-four-cylinder engine. Upgrades to the base could include a panoramic sunroof, the V-6 engine, heated and ventilated seats, driver-assisted safety features like the safety alert seat or forward collision alert, and even a self-parking system which parks your car in either parallel or perpendicular spaces.


In case an inline-four or V-6 isn’t enough engine for you, Cadillac takes the CTS to the next level of driving with the biggest brother of them all: the CTS-V. Edmunds states in their 2016 review that the “CTS-V is the most powerful car Cadillac has ever built.” After over 100 years of building innovative vehicles to outstrip most other luxury brands through the 1900s, this is saying something. The supercharged V-8 under the hood is not messing around, so this sport luxury sedan comes in only one package with few options. Luxury lifestyle definitely includes sport and over-the-top acceleration with this surprising sedan.

In 2016, the CTS-V was redesigned for the wow factor, which rivaled its competition from over the pond. Features like 19-inch wheels, adaptive suspension dampers, an electronically-controlled rear differential, driver memory settings, heated steering wheel, and 20-way power front seats are just a few of the engaging reasons this vehicle will make driving more delicious than should be legal. Additional conveniences like keyless ignition and entry, automatic high beams, automatic wipers, heated leather seats, a head-up display, and both rear- and front-view cameras will mean you have optimum visibility.

The full array of technology features like the automated parking system, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, WiFi, remote start, OnStar, wireless phone charging, eight-inch touchscreen, and 13-speaker Bose sound system are just a few of the features loaded onto the CTS-V. Additional features could be added with packages, but even without additions, this luxury sedan is a powerful speed demon made for adrenaline-packed drives on the open road.

Choose American Made

Here at Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth, TX, we are ready to help you find the Cadillac of your dreams, whether it is pre-owned or new. Remember that despite so many other luxury vehicles, Cadillac is an American brand. Buying American-made vehicles means supporting the continued excellence of American manufacturing, engineering, and design. The inventiveness of American culture is undeniable, and Cadillac brings the highest quality with the driving experience few brands can claim. Rather than purchasing a new vehicle that depreciates, consider purchasing a pre-owned Cadillac. Enjoy the luxury of what comes with a Cadillac, which isn’t just a brand; it’s an icon of American history.

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