The Best Types of Cadillacs to Buy Used

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A great find for a used Cadillac for sale in Fort Worth, a red 2019 Cadillac XT5 Platinum, is shown driving on a highway from the front.

Plenty of articles about used luxury cars talk about the benefits of buying used in terms of making a luxury car affordable. That advice is standard for those who might not be able to own a luxury car new, and it is very accurate. However, in actuality, owning any car used is smart, whether you have money to buy new or not. Used vehicles offer far better deals, especially if you can find a car like a used Cadillac for sale. Many luxury car owners can afford to purchase a new car, drive it for a year or two, and trade it in for a newer model, which often means a used luxury car like a Cadillac will be treated well and have low mileage.

With that in mind, searching for a used Cadillac is a fantastic plan. So to offer some guidance on buying a used Cadillac, we at Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth, TX, put together a list of a few types of Cadillacs that rank best in certain categories. From most luxurious to the best family car, Cadillac has a vehicle for any lifestyle, and buying one of these vehicles used will save you money. Let’s take a more in-depth look at all of these options.

Most Luxurious Cadillac

No matter what type of vehicle Cadillac makes, luxury stands as Cadillac’s calling card. Anyone who drives a Caddy expects a smooth ride, a powerful engine, and a quiet interior. For those who love the old-school Caddy that has room to spread out and rides like a dream, the XTS is a full-size sedan with luxury at its core. While it may hearken back to the classics, modern features and technology are central to the operation of this thrilling car. It can tackle any hill with its V6 engine, handle any imperfection in the road with its tuned suspension, and can stop on a dime with the Brembo brakes that are good enough for the finest sports car Cadillac makes.

Leather upholstery, powered accessories, a Bose audio system, heated seats, and all the modern connectivity you could ever need, make up a full picture of luxury driving. This is a Cadillac made for being chauffeured for door-to-door service in the style of the rich and famous. Seating for five allows plenty of space for all passengers front and back, and cargo space is plentiful at 18 cu.ft. The world will melt away when you drive this ultimate luxury car, as the hushed interior will wrap you in the silent comfort of what Cadillac has built for a century.

Best Value Cadillac

America is crossover crazy, so it stands to reason that one of the best values of all Cadillac vehicles is the XT5. Bold styling stands out on this SUV, which is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine and seats five comfortably in the well-organized interior. Across the board, the features, space, fuel efficiency, and appeal of this vehicle make it a great value. The handling of the XT5 will carry you over rough roads and smooth highways, whether curvy or straight. Whether you need to travel long distances or just run errands in town, the XT5 has the space and the features to suit whatever you need from your SUV.

Features of the interior with any trim level exceed the norm with simple pleasures like having a 40/20/40 split back seat that can be lowered to suit whatever configuration of luggage or other cargo you need to fit in the rear compartment. The space is generous for both cargo and passengers, and the thoughtful design of storage bins and pockets will make it easy to keep the interior neat and tidy. Typical amenities like powered seats, windows, and liftgate will fulfill the expectations of Cadillac lovers, and the modern features for smartphones, OnStar, and infotainment are found on every trim level. This Cadillac certainly has the best value.

Most Powerful Cadillac

For those who don’t know much about the Cadillac brand, it may surprise people to learn that Cadillac has an incredibly fast and powerful vehicle in its ranks. It can rival even European sports cars with its ability to reach 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, and to be able to top out at 200 mph is a feat few cars on the road can boast. The CTS-V has a 6.2-liter V-8 engine that roars out an impressive 640 hp, yet its powerful engine will purr while you drive around town.

If you seek the feel of a true sports car that grips the road, the CTS-V may win your loyalty once you drive it. Paddle shifters allow for smooth transitions, and driving modes with magnetic ride control allow for versatility in road conditions. Of course, because it’s a Cadillac, you will ride in comfort with all the same luxury trims you expect from this well-appointed brand. Leather, carbon-fiber trim, a Bose surround sound system, the CUE infotainment system, and the possibility of Recaro seats are just a few of the interior features you can find in this most powerful of Cadillacs.

Most Compact Cadillac

Owning a Cadillac doesn’t mean you need to drive a land yacht, especially if you’re single and want a luxury car with some chops. The Cadillac ATS sport coupe is a compact two-door that carries all the same high-end features of the larger siblings in the Cadillac stable but without the hefty size. You will also save on the price, as the ATS is one of the less expensive cars Cadillac offers. The base version of this coupe comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and upper trims could have the 3.6-liter V6.

The interior of the ATS comes with all the powered accessories you expect with a Caddy, along with features for modern life in infotainment and smartphone connectivity. As a compact car, it seats four and has limited space, so this isn’t a car for family trips. It does offer all-wheel drive on some models, however, so you can handle rough roads or weather conditions if you find this compact coupe for sale used.

Best Cadillac for a Family

Until the XT6 is available as a used model, our best family vehicle of the Cadillac models is the Escalade. This may seem over the top for a family since it’s viewed as an iconic car for upper-crust celebrities, but there is no denying the space, comfort, and safety of the only Cadillac to feature three rows of seats before 2019. If you need to take a family trip, drive groups to sporting events, or lug a lot of gear, the Escalade will more than do the job.

Under the hood is a capable 6.2-liter V8 engine that can tow up to 8,300 pounds. A massive cargo capacity of 94.2 cu.ft. with all the seats folded down means you can fit almost two standard couches in the back with the seats folded down. Seating for eight is plenty of room for any trip, and everyone will be happy with the infotainment for the rear seats. Of course, the plush leather interior with all the comforts of power-folding rows, tri-zone climate control, surround-vision camera, parking assist, a hands-free liftgate, and endless other features will mean your passengers will be spoiled with the ultimate luxury. Overall, this large and luxurious vehicle is perfect for families.

Test Drive a Cadillac – You Won’t Be Sorry

While you consider which Cadillac is the best fit for your lifestyle, remember that any Cadillac will offer the same standard of luxury, regardless of whether it is model or trim. You can’t go wrong with a Cadillac, especially when you know that comfort and power are key features of this iconic luxury brand. From speed demons to soccer moms, Cadillac has a vehicle for everyone. Buying a used Cadillac will save you money, a smart choice even for those with the money to buy new. So test-drive a used Cadillac to find out which one is the best for you; you won’t be sorry.

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