Pre-Owned Cadillac Escalade vs Pre-Owned Chevy Suburban

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A popular pre-owned Cadillac, a dark gray 2017 Cadillac Escalade, is parked on a cobblestone street near Fort Worth, TX.

If you are in the market for a full-size SUV, the chances are that you have a large family. You may also be on a budget and aren’t looking to break your bank account for a brand new vehicle. This is where used SUVs come into play. You could even buy a luxury vehicle, such as a pre-owned Cadillac, for an affordable price. For folks looking for large, pre-owned SUVs, there are two you should consider – a pre-owned Cadillac Escalade vs pre-owned Chevy Suburban. While both of those full-size SUVs have their advantages, we find that the Cadillac Escalade is superior. However, our experts here at Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth, TX, are here to explore the differences with you to help you make an informed decision.

Newer Used Models

The great thing about buying a pre-owned vehicle is that you get a massive price cut. Even newer used models that are only a year old can be found with heavily discounted price tags. By searching for these young models, you can get some of the latest technology and advanced features for much less than if you bought the vehicle new.

On newer pre-owned Cadillac Escalades, you can find features such as LED exterior lighting for enhanced visibility, Magnetic Ride Control for a smoother driving experience, active noise cancellation, rain-sensing wipers, and other safety features like a 360-degree surround-view camera system. Leather upholstery with heated and ventilated seats is also easy to find along with high-tech features such as a 4G LTE Wifi hotspot, HD radio, and a wireless charging pad. Additional luxury features that can be found on higher trim levels of the newer pre-owned Cadillac can include a power sunroof, emergency braking, forward collision alert, lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning, lane-change alert, blindspot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, automatic high beams, and adaptive cruise control. The premium trims can also include a rear-seat entertainment system that is ideal for families who enjoy long road trips with the kids.

As for the Chevrolet Suburban, it is not a luxury vehicle. It does have a more luxurious trim available, but the base models for the Suburban simply cannot stand next to the Cadillac. However, it is an adequate family-style SUV that you won’t mind getting dirty. The newer models do come with some nice features, albeit not as nice as the pre-owned Cadillac. Standard features on newer used Chevy Suburbans include cloth seating, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, remote start, keyless entry, cruise control, a rearview camera, and a 4G LTE Wifi hotspot. If you opt for a mid- or top-tier trim level, you may also get heated leather seats and advanced safety systems such as forward collision alert, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, emergency braking, blindspot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and HID headlamps. You may also find features like a wireless charging pad, fog lights, and a hands-free liftgate.

Overall, both seem like suitable options so far. However, if you are looking for true luxury and finesse in a vehicle, the Cadillac Escalade will time and time again be the best choice.

Inside the SUVs

Let’s take a closer look at the interior space. A pre-owned Cadillac will seat seven passengers comfortably, while the Suburban will carry up to nine people. Even though there is more seating in the Suburban, keep in mind that the Escalade is dripping in luxury and makes quite an impression. You will often find pre-owned Escalades with more elegant touches than the Suburban, which often matters more than space when you don’t have a need to drive nine people around.

Both vehicles offer the same amount of room in the front. The shoulder room is measured at 65.2-inches, the legroom is 41.3-inches, the hip room is 60.5-inches, and the headroom is 41.1-inches. The second and third rows are very similar, as well.

With all of the seats in use, the pre-owned Cadillac has 16.9 cu.ft. of space. On the other hand, the Suburban has 45.8 cu.ft. By folding down the third row, the Cadillac cargo area expands to 60.3 cu.ft., and the Suburban grows to 90 cu.ft. If you need even more space, you can easily fold down the two back row in either vehicle. This will give you about 108.9 cu.ft. of storage in the Cadillac, and approximately 137.4 cu.ft in the Suburban. It is important to remember, though, that while there might be more space inside the Suburban, this means that the vehicle is larger overall, making it harder to maneuver.


If you invest in any full-size SUV, you probably want to be confident in its capabilities. Both Cadillac Escalades and Chevy Suburbans have power steering for maneuverability. The Cadillac comes standard with large 18-inch wheels and the Suburban rides on smaller 17-inch wheels. Both include a spare tire in case of a flat.

For folks who enjoy camping, fishing, or boating, this next point may hit home for you. The pre-owned Cadillac can tow between 5,000 and 8,300 pounds without breaking a sweat. This is a crucial detail for families who want to take the boat to the lake on the weekends, haul a trailer full of recreational toys, or pull an RV. The pre-owned Suburban can only manage a maximum towing weight of 5,100 pounds, which puts a limit on the activities.

V8 engines power both vehicles. However, the two motors are not equal. The pre-owned Cadillac is commonly found with a 6.2-liter V8 under the hood. This robust engine generates 403 hp and 417 lb-ft of torque. On the other hand, the pre-owned Suburban can typically be found with a 5.3-liter V8 engine that makes 320 hp and 335 lb-ft of torque. Clearly, the Cadillac has a better engine. Both models use an RWD drivetrain system as the standard.

Generally speaking, a pre-owned Cadillac Escalade will have an estimated fuel economy set at 16 MPG combined (14 city/18 highway). Meanwhile, a pre-owned Chevy Suburban rates in at about 17 MPG combined (15 city/21 highway). Newer pre-owned models may have slightly higher fuel efficiencies, but these numbers hold true for many of the pre-owned models you’ll find throughout the dealership lot.

Finding the Right SUV

If you want a luxurious full-size SUV with plenty of power and cool features, we’ve got some fantastic pre-owned Cadillac Escalades in stock at Frank Kent Cadillac. If you are unsure about which vehicle is best for your family’s needs, we will get you behind the wheel for a test drive. You can take any of our cars out for a spin to get a good feel for how well they run. Bring the kids along too! After all, we want the whole family to be happy with your decision.

Whether you have a growing family or you simply want to upgrade your vehicle, you can find the perfect set of wheels here at Frank Kent Cadillac. We’ve got the best selection of pre-owned SUVs in the area, and our auto experts are happy to help you find a suitable match.

To learn more about our current inventory here at Frank Kent Cadillac, get in touch with us today or stop by for a visit.

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