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The family at Fort Brewery in the Fort Worth Texas brewery.

Come in out of the Fort Worth sun. Have a seat and order whichever of our cool, refreshing beverages suits your tastes. If you’re hungry, take a moment to peruse our menu (we’re certain that you’ll find something that catches your eye). This is Fort Brewery, and from our family to yours, it’s a place where you’re always welcome, and a place that we hope feels like home.

Perhaps you know our story. Maybe you don’t. But the reason we aim to create such a home-styled and family-oriented environment comes down to the beliefs that we hold at our core. They are the beliefs of our own family, passed down over five generations, and represent the values at the heart of this community that we’re fortunate to share with you.

So, sit back and let us tell you a story of one Fort Worth family; a family that you’re now a part of.

The Year Was 1850

At the age of twenty-two, a young physician from Kentucky by the name of Carroll Peak arrived in Fort Worth, a nascent frontier town built upon the legacy of an abandoned military site. Answering the call of fellow founders Julian Feild, Henry Clay Daggett, and Archibald Leonard, Dr. Peak was persuaded to relocate to the fort town, in order to serve as the community’s doctor. He was joined by his new bride, Florence, and their relocation was followed by the birth of his daughter Clara (in 1854) and Howard (in 1856).

Peak operated a medical practice which serviced a radius of approximately 30-miles. He would found the First Christian Church, which remains the oldest surviving church in Fort Worth. He would establish the first pharmacy in Fort Worth, along with their mail service, courthouse and the public school which bore his name. He would also serve on the city council and school committee.

They had one son and two daughters.

Carroll Peak would live to the age of 57, before being laid to rest in Pioneers Rest Cemetery, where his wife Florence would join him in in 1922. At the time of her passing, she stood as the eldest remaining contributor to the foundation of our city, and their family had grown to include two grandsons and two granddaughters…one of whom had married a man by the name of Frank Kent.

The Year Was 1935

At the age of forty, the former haberdasher from Missouri and eight-year resident of Fort Worth left the used car dealership he was employed by and set out to build his own empire. In less than twenty years, his focus would shift from Ford and Lincoln-Mercury vehicles to the emerging Cadillac brand. Over 34 years he would find immense success, owning several other dealerships, earning his 1989 induction into the Automotive Hall of Fame.

In that time, Frank Kent may not have provided medical care, built churches or schools, or served as one of the historical founders of a city, but he did play an active role in the city that he called home. As a result, he further refined the family’s commitment to community, a commitment which had first been instilled in them by Dr. And Mrs. Peak. Echoing so many of the values he had married into, Frank Kent held a strong belief in integrity, honesty, and doing right by people. Those principals have rested at the core of the dealerships which bear his name, and have been upheld by two more generations of the family to serve as custodians of their family legacy.

The Year Was 2005

Wendy Churchill was the daughter of Frank and Florence Kent. Upon her father’s death, she inherited the family dealerships which she oversaw the operation of until she passed away in 2005. True to family tradition, her children (and twin siblings) Will and Corrie stepped into the shoes worn by both their mother and grandfather and took over operations of the privately held company. They also chose to uphold their family’s built-in belief in community as well as the belief in putting “morals and ethics above profits.”

The result feels like an amalgam of the chapters which preceded them. As their great-great-grandfather had done in the mid-19th century, Will Churchill and Corrie Watson have contributed in diverse ways to the evolution of Fort Worth, refurbishing properties in the Near Southside of the city and helping to build community spaces, parks and playgrounds while providing community gathering places like Fort Brewery. And like their grandfather, the siblings embrace their family’s business values while furthering the expansive selection of vehicles to be found in their dealerships.

It’s something we take immense pride in, and we’re glad to have you here.

Welcome to Fort Brewery

Here, everything is homemade – “from our pizza dough to our croutons.” And we understand that our customers are as diverse as the cuisine that we offer (which includes vegan and gluten-free alternatives). With over a dozen fan-favorite artisanal pizza options, plus the option of designing your own pie, our pizza selection is rarely matched.

And whether you’re talking about our ‘Party Fowl’, ‘Big Daddy V’ or one of our other options, we take the same pride in sharing our sandwich artistry with you. As a family-friendly venue, we offer a kids menu options and a selection of mouth-watering desserts well-worth a taste.

But (we can hear you from here) “What about the beer?”

Well, beer lovers, fear not.

Just as our food is prepared from scratch, onsite, our selection of Fort Brewery beers is brewed right here, as well. No matter which stye you prefer: from Hefeweizen to IPA, Kölsch to Oatmeal Stout, Irish Red Ale to Marzen, and even a Mexican Style Lager, there are plenty of options to choose from. And you never know when another brand new addition might circle its way into the lineup. Each one is unique, with its own distinct personality deserving of exploration. If you love the beer here at Fort Brewery, you can even take growlers with you to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

And if you know anything about our family, you know about our love of wine. As such Fort Brewery offers a selection of wines handpicked by our very own sommelier at Kent & Co. Like we always say, something for everyone.

Part of Our Family

The rhetorical question we like to ask as part of the Fort Brewery family is, “Why is this community so important to us?” Our answer: because we helped to start it. You don’t have to be a direct descendant of Carroll Peak to be a part of this family anymore than you need to be in order to feel a sense of pride and ownership in our community.

So join us. As we said at the very beginning, have a seat and order whichever of our cool, refreshing beverages suits your tastes. If you’re hungry, take a moment to peruse our menu (once again – we’re certain that you’ll find something). This is Fort Brewery, and from our family to yours, it’s a place where you’re always welcome, and a place that we hope feels like home.

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