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Oktoberfest food is on a table. Visit the event after checking out used luxury cars at Frank Kent.

Here at Frank Kent Cadillac, we don’t just sell the best used luxury cars on the road; we are also a part of the Fort Worth community. As summer draws to a close in other areas, like the Midwest, the colder weather often makes for fewer events and activities. Here in Texas, however, we are blessed with gorgeous weather that makes it easy to get out and have fun all year round.

This time of year, few events get all of us here at Frank Kent Cadillac as excited as Oktoberfest Fort Worth. This year it will be running from September 26th through the 28th and offer three incredible days of food, fun, events, and of course, great beer. These kinds of activities are a wonderful chance for everyone in the community to come together, have a great time, and remember that we’re all neighbors here in this gorgeous city.

We hope to see all of you at Oktoberfest Fort Worth and if you want to know more about what’s going on, when and where to go, and what food will be available, then just keep reading because we have all the answers.

Oktoberfest Activities

When most people think about Oktoberfest in general, the first things that typically come to mind are beer and sausages, but there is a lot more to Oktoberfest Fort Worth than that. Don’t get us wrong, the beer is a big draw, which is why one of the main events on the first day of the celebration will be the tapping of the kegs – or, as they like to put it, “Tapping of Zie Kegs.” Community leaders from throughout Forth Worth will be on hand to tap the first kegs of Spaten bier, with live music and traditional folk dancing for entertainment.

There will also be an Oktoberfest Run Und Ride event on Saturday, including a 20-mile urban bike ride through the city and a 5k or fun run available starting and ending at the festival location. Anyone who pays to participate in the run or the ride receives a free three-day pass to enjoy the Oktoberfest events, as well as a race t-shirt and a custom stein commemorating their participation. Entry for the 5k is $35 with advance pricing, while the one-mile fun run costs $30 in advance. The 20-mile bike ride costs $40 for advance pricing, and a 2.5-mile bike ride is also available for $30 in advance.

Other events and activities throughout the duration of Oktoberfest Fort Worth will include Bier Barrel Rolling Races, where contestants race each other while rolling a Spaten bier barrel toward a finishing line, and a Dachshund Dash, in which numerous four-legged competitors rush to see who’s the fastest. There will also be Bier Wench Stein Carrying competitions at numerous times and multiple days during the Oktoberfest Forth Worth festivities. This is based on traditional bier tents in Germany, where bar waitresses carry numerous steins full of beer to thirsty patrons. There will even be Oktoberfest Olympics, consisting of numerous competitions held between local young professional groups. These competitions will all be Oktoberfest-themed, and the winning team will be the one that can earn the most points during these challenges. Finally, for the strong-armed residents of Fort Worth, there will be Stein Hoisting competitions, in which they must hold a full mug of brew, which weighs about 5 lbs., out in front of themselves and keep their arms straight. This is an endurance competition that’s as fun to watch as it is to participate in.

Food and Drinks

Of course, with all this live music and celebration going on it can be easy to forget, perhaps, the most important thing: food and beer (or bier). The menu will include sausage sandwiches, sausage platters served with German potato salad and sauerkraut, and delicious schnitzel. There will also be soft Bavarian pretzels, cheese boards, and German potato pancakes to enjoy – not to mention some of the finest beer in all of Texas. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be available, and this is an all-ages event, so families with kids are more than welcome!

Main Schedule

This year, Oktoberfest Fort Worth kicks off on Thursday (Donnerstag in German) September 26th at 5 pm. The gates open at 5 pm with music and other entertainment throughout the evening, with the tapping of the kegs scheduled at 7:30 pm. The first evening will include several Stein Hoisting competitions scheduled through 11 pm.

The second day of the event, Friday (or Freitag) September 27th will also begin at 5 pm. Live music and other entertainment will go on much like the first evening, with several Stein Hoisting competitions and the Oktoberfest Olympics. Just like Thursday, the event is scheduled to run until 11 pm.

Finally, Oktoberfest Fort Worth will conclude on Saturday (Samstag) September 28th. On Saturday, the events begin at 11 am, though the 5k, Fun Run, and 20-mile bike rides will start at 9 am before the gates officially open. Music and entertainment will run throughout the day, as well as a Dachshund Parade followed by the Dachshund Dash. There will be numerous Bier Barrel Rolling Races, Bier Wench Stein Carrying competitions, and Stein Hoisting competitions held throughout the day, with events scheduled to conclude at midnight that evening.

Where and How Much?

The 2019 Oktoberfest Forth Worth celebration will be held at The Shack at Panther Island Pavilion, located at 395 Purcey Street, here in Fort Worth. Directions to get there can easily be found online, and the Pavilion will include a large bier hall, two biergartens, and additional tents and stages. Parking will be available, though it will cost $10 per car.

Admission prices depend on what you want to attend and when. For Thursday, September 26th only, tickets are $5; for Friday the 27th only, tickets are $10; and for Saturday the 28th only, tickets are $10. You can also get a three-day pass for $15 that will get you in for the entire duration of the festivities. These prices are for adults and kids over 12-years old – kids under 12 get free admission when accompanying a paying adult. Anyone who buys tickets online in advance is guaranteed a free 2019 Commemorative Stein – while a limited number will be available on a first-come basis for attendees who buy tickets at the gate.

Why Do We Care about Oktoberfest?

You might wonder why all of us here at Frank Kent Cadillac care about something like Oktoberfest Fort Worth. The answer is quite simple: community. We pride ourselves on being a community dealership here in the Fort Worth area. Our roots are here, and our family has been a major part of the auto industry here for more than 80 years.

Fort Worth isn’t just someplace where we bought a dealership and hope to make as much money as possible. It’s our home, and it’s important to us; all of us. Events like Oktoberfest Fort Worth are a way for all of us here at Frank Kent Cadillac to get out and have some fun, see our friends and neighbors, and enjoy being a part of this amazing community. Now, more than ever before, that’s something that needs to be celebrated and remembered.

It’s easy to let things that happen here in Texas, across the country, and all over the world push us apart as people. Events like Oktoberfest Fort Worth, where we can come together, have some good food, a great drink or two, and celebrate as a community, are more important than ever before. We hope to see all of you out there and to share a couple of steins of bier with you. Just remember to drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel if you have had too much beer.

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