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A plate of pulled pork is shown, which is a great option for lunch when shopping for a used Cadillac in Dallas.

When people talk about great restaurants, they typically mention places like Paris, London, New York, and even Las Vegas. Here in Dallas, however, we have some of the best food anywhere in the country – you just have to know where to find it. We talked to our staff here at Frank Kent Cadillac and asked them about their favorite places to go for lunch, dinner, or anything in between. So next time you’re on your way here to check out a used Cadillac in Dallas or you just want something for lunch, give these places a look.

There are hundreds of restaurants in the Dallas area, so we couldn’t include all of our favorites. If we left your favorite out, no offense intended – think of this as an opportunity to get a taste of something new.

#1 – Revolver Tacos

With so many great places to eat and great types of food in the Dallas area, we had a hard time figuring out where to start. At the end of the day, however, one of our folks here made it easy: tacos! And Revolver Tacos is our pick for the best ones for miles around – maybe anywhere in the state.

As you would expect from a top-notch taqueria, the tortillas here are made fresh from scratch every day – nothing like what you find at the store. The rich aroma and flavor of corn is the perfect accompaniment to the premium ingredients chosen by chef-owner Regino Rojas, including just about anything from filet mignon to curried frog legs! Whether you want something traditional or modern, Revolver Tacos has you covered. Just come hungry and come early – they sell out of their menu items often.

#2 – Lucia

While we love tacos for lunch, when it’s dinner time, Italian is our preference (don’t hate us BBQ fans, we’ll get there). And for the best Italian food in Dallas, we head to Lucia every time. From amazing appetizers and starters, to the best pasta around, this is our choice. Not to mention a charcuterie board that never fails to amaze our taste buds, including the best pastrami we have ever tasted.

Lucia is infamous for being difficult to get reservations for, which can be a bit intimidating. Our trick, however, is to just show up and hope for the best. If you call and find yourself denied, try walking in and seeing what they can do for you – you might be surprised how often it works. Summer and spring are really when Lucia shines, thanks to fresh ingredients that make every plate an absolute feast.

#3 – Tei-An

If you want to try something a little different, or you already love Japanese food, then head over to Tei-An for something truly special. Chef-owner Teiichi Sakurai has a touch with food that is beyond masterful, and everything on the menu is a work of art that you eat with your eyes well before you taste it. On your first visit, consider the tasting menu, which gives you a sense of everything Tei-An has to offer without going too deep into any one thing.

How good is Tei-An? Its reputation has grown well beyond Dallas and has become legendary even in Japan. For fans of sushi and sashimi, Tei-An is an absolute must! Fresh seafood is flown in from Japan every day – seriously, seafood from Japan. It’s amazing.

#4 – Cattleack Barbeque

Considered by many to be one of the best barbeque joints in all of Texas, Cattleack Barbeque is everything you could want in smoked meats. The glorious beef ribs and perfectly cooked brisket must not be missed by anyone who loves real barbecue flavor. Pitmaster Todd Davis loves barbecue, and his food makes that loud and clear.

The coleslaw is incredible and perfectly cuts through the delicious fattiness of the brisket, the bright vinegar lighting up your taste buds and getting you ready for the next amazing bite. You have to head to Cattleack Barbeque early, however, as they can sell out early in the afternoon. This is a perfect place to go for lunch – just don’t have anywhere to be, because the lines can be daunting.

#5 – Town Hearth

If you’re looking for a place to take an out-of-towner to impress them or give them a sense of high-end Dallas class, then look no further than Town Hearth. It’s one of our favorite places to take friends and family who are visiting, or if we want to show a client just how Dallas does it. With incredible American favorites served in exciting new ways, this is one of the best restaurants in all of Texas.

Our personal favorite is the “tots du jour,” which combine the comfort of tater tots with decidedly grown-up ingredients. No one can badmouth tater tots after having them smothered in beef bourguignon! There’s just something deeply satisfying about the nostalgia of the food we grew up on, kicked up to adult levels of savory sophistication.

#6 – Knife

Did you think we would forget about steak? This is Texas! There is no shortage of incredible steakhouses around Dallas, but our favorite at the moment is Knife. Whether you want an unbelievable burger or you have a hankering for a life-changing rib-eye, you will find it at Knife.

If you’ve never had dry-aged steak, then Knife is the place to try it. They age their beef about three months in dry-aging rooms you can see for yourself, to achieve a complex and robust level of deep flavor. The aged beef has a certain degree of “funkiness” to it that isn’t for everyone – but if you have a palate that appreciates the complex, then you must try it for yourself.

#7 – Mot Hai Ba

Whether you love Vietnamese food, or you’re curious to try it for the first time, Mot Hai Ba is a perfect choice. The modern interpretations of a lot of traditional dishes can be less intimidating for diners new to Vietnamese cuisine, but you still get an amazing taste for what the region has to offer. The dishes at Mot Hai Ba perfectly illustrate how different countries can influence each other’s food, with tastes of France and Vietnam remarkably combined. The menu changes often, which we love – we can go back dozens of times and always have something new to try.

#8 – Bullion

If you were reading about Mot Hai Ba and your eyes lit up when you saw “France,” then consider Bullion as your next culinary destination. French cuisine has long been heralded as among the absolute best in the world, but that pedigree often comes with a sense of pretentiousness that can make it unapproachable.

The genius of Bullion is that it is sophisticated, as you would expect, but it never feels out of reach. The dishes are rich and complex, rewarding every type of palate, without feeling overwrought. Nothing ever tastes like it is trying too hard – simply the highest level of cooking with an eye toward perfecting flavor.

#9 – Sachet

Interested in a taste of the Mediterranean? Then Sachet should absolutely be your next stop. While many of the dishes are focused on vegetables, the pastas and fish are as good as anything you will find anywhere else. The full range of countries in that region is represented, from Spain and Turkey to Greece and Italy – there is truly something for everyone.

While all of those different tastes may seem intimidating, the staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Don’t feel shy – if you’re not sure what something is, just ask. They explain things perfectly for any diner, and you feel welcome the moment you walk in. Be sure to order the pita as a starter – they make it fresh, and its clean simplicity is stunning.

#10 – Mi Lindo Oaxaca

If you tend to like Mexican food and want to try something a little different, then Mi Lindo Oaxaca is the place for you. The mole here is made from scratch starting with the kitchen making its own chocolate and going from there. If you’re worried about feeling out of place in an upscale fine-dining restaurant then worry no more – this is as comfortable and rustic as it comes.

But the food is amazing. The flavors are an exploration of regional cuisine unlike anything else you will find in Dallas. Rich and extravagant flavors that play with your taste buds in ways that would be inappropriate to fully describe are just the beginning of what Mi Lindo Oaxaca has to offer. You’ll have to go and experience it for yourself to truly understand.

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