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A man is driving one of the popular Cadillacs for sale with Super Cruise hands-free technology.

Cadillacs for sale in the new year offer exciting features that fans could only dream about just a decade ago. However, it should come as no surprise that Cadillac continues to deliver on its promise to provide the ultimate driving experience. Throughout it’s 115-year journey to the top, Cadillac has always been a leader in innovation and luxury. From inventing the electric starter to employing the latest hands-free technology, Cadillac is no stranger to success. The Cadillac brand is propelled by its accomplishments of the past as it “Super Cruises” it’s way towards an even brighter future ahead. Here are some ways Cadillac continues to dazzle and delight our customers.

Cutting-Edge Driver Assistance Technology

In 2018, Cadillac was awarded Best of What’s New by Popular Science, mainly due to the Super Cruise technology that takes hands-free driving to a new level. So far, over three-million miles have been driven on Super Cruise by Cadillac drivers on compatible highways. Super Cruise requires an active Wi-Fi Hotspot, OnStar plan, cell reception, GPS signal, and working electrical system to work its magic.

Using adaptive cruise control, Super Cruise ensures that your Cadillac remains at a safe and appropriate distance from traffic ahead, adjusting your speed automatically as the rate of traffic ebbs and flows. In-vehicle cameras, LiDAR mapping, and radar sensors work in harmony to orchestrate a hands-free drive capable of anticipating and responding to unpredictable driving conditions. Opting for the Super Cruise package on a new Cadillac includes three years of OnStar. With the push of a button, drivers can enjoy a hands-free commute that keeps your vehicle safely centered in your lane of travel.

It’s important for drivers to remain alert and avoid using hand-held devices while driving with Super Cruise. Super Cruise compatible highways can be found throughout the United States, starting with an original 130,000 miles and expanding rapidly. The system is designed to identify if the driver isn’t being attentive and provides a progressive series of three alerts to return your attention to the road. If the alerts do not prompt a driver response, the vehicle will slow down and come to a full stop in the lane.

An Unparalleled User Experience

Cadillac does everything possible to make your life easier. You’ll never have to suffer from an uncharged phone or missed appointment again. By taking advantage of helpful features like wireless charging and smartphone integration, Siri can be your co-pilot as you take on the day ahead. Using either the touchscreen or Siri voice command, you can access personal messages, music, weather, and maps to stay connected without taking your eyes off the road.

The next generation of this smart technology uses voice recognition and dual microphones, so you don’t have to shout to be understood. A normal conversational tone is sufficient to get an accurate response when you need it. Real-time traffic alerts help you avoid slowdowns as you navigate with 3D maps, which include Doppler weather reports. Customize your head-up display for alerts on hazardous driving conditions.

Cadillac personalizes every aspect of your drive, from your preferred radio stations to your favorite apps. The best routes to destinations that you frequent are stored in the system, which provides up-to-date suggestions on the quickest directions to follow. The MyCadillac App offers a range of conveniences like locking and unlocking your vehicle and a remote start and stop capability. You can even schedule your next service appointment through the app. The engineers at Cadillac have thought about every detail to ensure customer satisfaction. Even if the rest of your day doesn’t go as planned, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of during your drive.

Craftsmanship and Engineering

The meticulous attention to detail that goes into designing and building Cadillac vehicles is what sets this brand apart. Cadillac’s high-performance Brembo brakes are made to last. Their ability to resist heat extends the rotor life for optimal functioning long-term. The Magnetic Ride Control suspension system rapidly adapts to road conditions by checking conditions at up to 1,000 times per second.

The cut and sew craftsmanship that goes into refining Cadillac’s interiors exemplifies an unwavering commitment to excellence. Cadillac describes it’s vehicles as being “made not manufactured” with a human touch to perfect the details. Premium leather, exotic natural wood, and suede microfiber performance materials are smartly chosen for both ambiance and function. Not only do the interiors look good, but they’re actually comfortable. Expert tailoring in the first, second, and even third rows ensure that all passengers ride with their preferred temperature setting in luxurious seats that make long trips relaxing.

See For Yourself at Frank Kent Cadillac

With a brand that sells itself, there’s nothing we love more than showing off the latest Cadillac models. Our dealership has several new vehicles for 2020, fully equipped with top-of-the-line tech that you won’t want to miss. Stop by for a test drive in Fort Worth, TX, and to chat with one of our knowledgeable team members on the ins and outs of Cadillac’s current offerings.

For plenty of space for the whole family, check out the XT6. Three rows of Opus Semi-Aniline Leather means you’ll never have to choose between a luxury feel and practicality. Safety and power are top priorities for this large SUV. The 3.6-liter V6 engine produces 310 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque. You can choose from two distinct trims, the Premium Luxury or Sport. The Premium Luxury’s Galvano finished roof rails, grille, window molding, and accents, along with 20-inch six-split spoke polished and android finish wheels, paint an exterior model of class. The exotic wood interior decor is unique and welcoming. The Sport model’s black painted grille, high-gloss accents, and 20-inch twelve spoke pearl nickel finish wheels are ready for action. Its sport controlled twin-clutch, all-wheel drive system delivers on performance for a fantastic ride.

Always wanted an Escalade? This iconic luxury SUV is back for 2020 with premium features and impressive capability. Pairing its 6.2-liter V8 engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission makes for a winning combination, you can get 420 horsepower, 460 lb-ft of torque, and the ability to tow up to 8,300 pounds. Various trims and add-ons are available as well. Equip your new Escalade with key safety features including forward collision alert, enhanced emergency braking, and lane change alert with side blind zone alert. Heated front and rear seats made from genuine leather will ensure the contentment of all eight passengers on long rides.

If you’re interested in something a little bit more compact, consider a new CT4 or CT5. With high definition touchscreen displays, teen driver technology, and seats that can give you a lumbar massage on your way to work, these sedans offer just about anything you could ever ask for. Whether you already have your dream Cadillac in mind or want to test drive a few different models, we’re happy to assist you at Frank Kent Cadillac. Since 1935, we have believed in treating our customers like family. Let us help you customize an exquisite new Cadillac for 2020. Drive off into the future in style, with everything you could possibly need to arrive there feeling safe, happy, and ready to take on the world.

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