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Tables are set up at a fine dining restaurant near a Cadillac dealer near you

There are a lot of things that make living in Fort Worth a joy; the incredible food and restaurants here in the area are certainly high up on our list. All of us here at Frank Kent Cadillac enjoy going out to eat and visiting local restaurants to see what chefs in Fort Worth are doing to redefine Texas cuisine. Whether we’re taking friends from out-of-town to the hot new eatery or we’re out on a Friday night with our loved ones, we like to eat! We’re not just the Cadillac dealer near you that you can count on for all your vehicle needs; we also know a thing or two about fine dining.

We were talking here at Frank Kent Cadillac the other day about going out to eat, and the conversation quickly turned into a passionate debate about the best restaurants in Fort Worth. Let’s just say things got a bit heated, but once the smoke had cleared and tempers settled, we realized there are just too many good options to pick only one. After all was said and done, however, certain names kept coming up again and again – we realized there are certain restaurants that everyone in Fort Worth should check out at least once. So these are our recommendations for the best fine dining here in Fort Worth.

Our Favorite Steakhouses

We’re in Texas, so of course, we’re going to start off with steakhouses. These aren’t your granddaddy’s steakhouses, these are restaurants that transform gorgeous pieces of beef into works of culinary art that look and smell almost too good to eat. Almost.

The Capital Grille on Main St. is one of our favorites when it comes to fantastic steak in Fort Worth. The Rib Eye, in particular, is spectacular and the environment is welcoming while retaining the high-end atmosphere a lot of us prefer on a Friday or Saturday evening out. Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine on Bryant Irvin Rd. is also a spectacular example of Texas steak elevated to another level. What sets Bonnell’s apart for us, is the way they handle other meats too; their buffalo tenderloin is like eating a piece of heaven, while the pecan-crusted redfish and quail are delicious joys for the senses.

When we want something a little different, we head to Texas de Brazil on N Houston St. for a taste of Brazil here in Fort Worth. You have to show up hungry at Texas de Brazil because everything they prepare is spectacular and the most difficult part is trying to choose just one dish to eat. If you’re hungry for a beautifully prepared piece of meat but have a hankering for something other than the usual American flair, then this is the place.

Fresh and Delicious Seafood

Of course, we can’t forget that Texas has a tremendous amount of shoreline, and some of the best seafood in the country is found in our restaurants. Two names really stood out here at Frank Kent Cadillac when we talked about the best seafood in Fort Worth: Waters and Eddie V’s Prime Seafood. No one could agree on which was better, but everyone agreed they are both fantastic.

Waters on Main St. was the top choice for a lot of us, and they offer some of the best oysters anywhere in the country. Their imported wild salmon is also fantastic – but don’t sleep on the crab cakes, which are everything you could want them to be. On a particular note is the shellfish tower, which offers shrimp, crab, and oysters on the half-shell all served in a way that is perfect for a small group to share and enjoy (or one person – we don’t judge).

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood on W 7th St. is a local chain here in Texas, with other locations in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Don’t let that dissuade you, however, because the dishes are absolutely fantastic. The crab cakes are delicious, and more than a few people here loudly suggested the sea bass. Their sides are also excellent, particularly the macaroni and cheese; be sure to save room for dessert because they serve one of the best bananas foster anywhere!

Fantastic French Cuisine

When we’re not in the mood for steaks or seafood (it happens sometimes) and feel hungry for something different, French cuisine is often at the top of our lists. French food might not be the first thing we think about when it’s dinner time, but there are some great options here in Fort Worth for it.

Saint-Emilion Restaurant on W 7th St. was the first name everyone here at Frank Kent Cadillac thought of when talking about French cuisine. Their dishes offer the flavor and beauty that you would expect with French dining, without feeling pretentious or unapproachable. It is definitely fine dining, but the atmosphere welcomes you and reminds you that it’s time to eat. The French onion soup is spectacular, and we strongly recommend trying the bacon-wrapped rabbit tenderloin or roasted duck.

American Dining at its Finest

While most of the upscale restaurants in Fort Worth that specialize in American cuisine are steakhouses, there are also a few examples of American restaurants with a more general focus. These are some of our favorite places when we’re hosting friends or family from out of town and want to take them somewhere with a lot of options. Not everyone is a steakhouse fan (we try not to hold that against them), so other options can be great.

Grace on Main St. was a clear favorite among our staff here at Frank Kent Cadillac. Everyone agreed that the food prepared by Chef Blaine Staniford was noteworthy from the top of the menu to the bottom, and no one could recall ever having a bad dish at Grace. More than one person here noted that the friendly and very helpful service at Grace also set it apart from some other fine dining experiences, which can feel stuffy or standoffish.

Ellerbe Fine Foods on Magnolia Ave. was another choice that more than a few of us mentioned as a fantastic option for American cuisine. It’s worth noting that Ellerbe specializes in fresh and seasonal ingredients. That means that subsequent visits at different times of the year can be very different, which keeps things new and exciting.

Reata Restaurant on Houston St. was also a big favorite here when we started talking about American food. The rooftop bar was suggested by more than a few people for a date night or taking the family from out-of-town out to eat – the view of the Fort Worth skyline is gorgeous and the perfect backdrop for dinner and drinks. The onion rings at Reata Restaurant are particularly delicious – perfectly fried and light, rather than greasy or heavy as you would find at other restaurants.

Did We Miss Your Favorite?

We did our best to talk about as many different restaurants as we could, but there are a lot of places to eat here in Fort Worth. As such, we’re sure we probably missed a few – maybe we even forgot to mention your very favorite place to eat. Come visit us at Frank Kent Cadillac: the Cadillac dealer near you that specializes in high-end vehicles and discussions about the best places to eat. Whether you need a new vehicle or you just want to give us a hot tip on a restaurant, we want to hear all about it!

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