Lease Opportunities at Frank Kent Cadillac

Deciding Whether to Buy or Lease

How Important Is Owning?

For many customers, trying to choose between leasing or buying a car or truck is often an incredibly difficult decision. The fact is that buying and leasing have relative positives and negatives; the first thing to consider when you are shopping is how much the thought of "ownership" matters to you. For many shoppers, being the sole owner of a car is hugely important; among other things, ownership means being able to customize your car if you'd like, and you'll only answer to yourself if there's any sort of accident or damage occurs. For other shoppers, however, leasing is more attractive than owning. Leasing allows drivers to basically acquire a new car every few years when a lease comes to an end, and many lessees have the ability to drive nicer cars than they might otherwise be able to afford, as upfront expenses are typically lower than purchasing a vehicle. If you're still unsure, come to Frank Kent Cadillac today to speak with a leasing specialist.

The Expense of Leasing:

Can It Save Cash?

The cost of leasing a car in comparison to the price of buying one isn't a black-and-white issue; it all depends on how long you intend to keep your vehicle for. From a temporary standpoint, leasing a vehicle for a span of three years will make for a smart decision financially; deposits on leases are low, your monthly payments will be lower than a car loan payment, and you'll typically not need to be concerned with repair fees. If you buy a vehicle, your payments will be much greater up-front, but by the time you've owned it for 10 years or so, it will have likely been paid off. For this reason, many individuals decide to enter into one or two lease periods to save cash before purchasing a car. Ultimately, deciding to buy or to lease is really a matter of personal preference.

Find Lease Specials In Fort Worth

At Frank Kent Cadillac, we're always offering new lease offers in Fort Worth, making us among premier destinations for anybody wishing to lease a Cadillac locally. Leasing is an excellent way to save upfront on fees, down payments and monthly costs, and our variety of lease deals allows you to save further. You can investigate our current lease specials online, contact us at (817) 385-1736 to hear more, or visit us in Fort Worth to talk with a leasing associate.

For many shoppers, opting to lease a Cadillac is a rewarding decision, and afterward it's likely you'll end up looking to lease another Cadillac, or perhaps even considering purchasing one. Drop by to hit the road in your Cadillac today.
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