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A white Cadillac CTS V driving on a city street near Dallas

When seeking the superior quality and unparalleled service one would expect of a Cadillac dealership, Dallas area car-buyers know that their expectations will not only be met, but surpassed should they choose to visit Frank Kent Cadillac in nearby Fort Worth.

At Frank Kent Cadillac, we aspire to embody the longstanding ideals of the iconic Cadillac legacy. That, combined with our unshakeable dedication to our customers, creates an unsurpassed experience built around a guarantee of satisfaction. Long proven to be a winning recipe, let’s explore some of the ingredients that help to set Frank Kent Cadillac apart from other dealerships.

Pride in our History

1917. That’s when our remarkable story begins, with Frank Kent’ establishment of the GMC Truck Company of Fort Worth. And the vision associated with that impressive milestone is still an important part of our culture and inspires our philosophies more than a century later. But there have been a lot of stops made along the way.

Eighteen years after our story began, the Frank Kent Motor Company was founded, serving as a Ford / Lincoln Mercury dealership. And just as many years later, that Ford franchise would be given up in favor of distributing Cadillac-brand luxury, an intent which would continue through Frank Kent’s passing in September of 1987. But the combination of such a successful and respected dealership and the continuing strength of the Cadillac brand ensured that Frank Kent’s name and legacy would continue on. In fact, his impact on the industry as a whole was so important that he would be inducted posthumously into the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit, Michigan two years later. This unique distinction would be further embellished when the dealership was awarded the prestigious, and coveted Dewar Trophy in honor of its success in all areas of business operations.

Continuing success would bring us to 1999 with the reestablishment of the Frank Kent Motor Company, designed to encompass both the dealership and auto group as a whole.

This is the long and storied history of one of the oldest family-owned dealerships in all of Texas. We honor Frank Kent’s legacy with pride, striving to continually redefine expectations of customer service and automotive care in the greater Dallas area. This means committing, with each passing day, to the ideals Frank Kent set forth all those many years ago and building further upon them to ensure that we honor his original vision.

Unparalleled Customer Service

It’s a claim that any dealership can make (and most have) but our longevity has never been based around being a me-too service provider. Not only do we understand the need to treat our customers correctly, but we’ve built our entire culture around it. It’s the primary reason why so many car-buyers who are interested in the Cadillac lifestyle choose to journey from Dallas to Fort Worth. They are seeking a superior buying experience; one that they feel they deserve.

Arriving at Frank Kent Cadillac, our customers are welcomed by our warm, friendly, and respectful staff. We understand that each of our customers come a unique set of needs, expectations, and past experiences. In turn, we have no interest in treating our customers like ‘just another sale.’ We pride ourselves on recognizing what makes each customer unique, and we do it the old-fashioned way: by listening. We are committed to taking the teach with each customer to fully understand their needs, budget and any concerns they may have. First, and most importantly, because it’s the right thing to do. But it also helps us to ensure that we’ve paired our customers with the perfect vehicle, fitting the unique demands of their lifestyle.

So whether you’re in the market for a new, pre-owned or certified Cadillac, we’re here for you. Ready to take you on a tour of our expansive inventory, or ready to hand you the keys for as many test drives as are needed for you to buy with confidence. And after you’ve chosen your perfect vehicle, you’ll be in excellent hands with our knowledgeable and helpful finance team. But, it doesn’t end there! After you’ve driven off the lot in your new Cadillac, you’ll always have a home for regular maintenance, repairs, accessories and (we hope) additional purchases with Frank Kent Cadillac. Rest assured, you won’t be the first to return for another satisfying experience.

Making Financing Easy

A luxury brand understands the importance of comfort and accommodation; so why should financing be any different. At Frank Kent Cadillac we believe in making financing easy and are proud to offer competitive finance rates for every new, pre-owned or certified Cadillac in our inventory. And that begins with the opportunity to shop from home, on your own time and your own terms. Looking through our website provides our customers with the opportunity to put our array of financing tools to use. From calculating monthly payment to applying for financing before you ever set foot on our lot, we want to minimize the impact on your busy schedule. You can even value your trade-in ahead of time!

But let’s not let such convenience minimize our commitment to personalized service. A visit to our dealership places our skilled and helpful finance team at your disposal. From answering any (and every) question you might have, to respectfully adhering to your planned budget in securing the perfect financing option, it’s just another reason why so many have been happy they those Frank Kent Cadillac.

At Your Service

Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or essential repairs, the Frank Kent Cadillac Service Center has you covered. Our Service Center is staffed with experienced professionals who are passionate about getting your car back on the road in pristine condition. And we are firm believers that just because you are receiving on a luxury vehicle, doesn’t mean you have to pay a luxury price. So if your Cadillac is in need of scheduled maintenance, repairs or even a bit of accessorizing, stop by the Frank Kent Cadillac Service Center. We offer incredibly flexible hours and are eager to give your vehicle the premium service it deserves.

Think Frank Kent Cadillac…

  • Whether you’re looking for a new, pre-owned or certified Cadillac.
  • When it’s time to experience the luxury that Cadillac has to offer.
  • When you’ve grown tired of an overcomplicated buying experience, and decide to treat yourself to premium customer service, expert financing, and comprehensive post-purchase servicing.

At Frank Kent Cadillac our passionate and knowledgeable staff is eager to take care of all of your automotive needs with the utmost efficiency and care. To experience this unmatched service during your search for a Cadillac dealership near Dallas, don’t hesitate to make the short drive to Fort Worth. You’ll quickly learn why so many have made the same journey for a warm smile, helping hand, and a reminder that a car buying experience can be everything you deserve. Relaxed, easy, and indicative of the values established by Frank Kent over a hundred years ago.